Sunday, 19 July 2009

The start of something bigger?

Forgot to say in my last post, that with the letter I also found a piece of an old map - it's a bit crumbly and dirty but you can still read it.

From the grid in the corner it looks like it's one part of a bigger map. I've decided to copy this and distribute the pieces around the Uni - might be a good way of getting people to help me?

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Viola Procter said...

Hello Viola

I stumbled upon your blog while conducting research into library classification systems and, I must say, I am intrigued.

It seems to me that you're correct and the map piece is indeed part of a larger entity - I would not be at all surprised if you need to find the rest of the map to discover what exactly is going on here.

To help you, I have constructed a website so you can get everyone to work together on the puzzles that I'm sure you're going to encounter (I do have an ulterior motive too in that I would like some help with some tricky problems I've been grappling with at work).

All the best, Percy Root, Librarian