Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Back on the case

Well I'm now more or less settled in to Manchester - I have somewhere to stay and can find my way onto the main campus. It's a start anyay...

Can now spend a bit more time trying to work out what's going on here. Things I'm thinking so far:

1. I have one piece of what looks like a larger map. Where is it of? Why was it split into pieces? Can I even get all the other pieces? Where do I start?

2. I have a letter from some long dead relative that talks about a secret society and a machine. What was the society and what did it do? What was the machine and what was it for? Why was the machine hidden? Where is the machine now?

3. The letter says it contains some kind of clue to a play - but I'm lost...

Lots of questions. No answers yet.

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